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Logistic Sector

Gain greater transparency and increase storage capacities for your storage logistics by describing your store places using four dimensions, such as warehouse, row, level, and column. Specify load limits and dimensions to find the most suitable store places when storing goods. Scan important information within seconds and transfer it to Warehouse Management System.Use handheld scanners to electronically exchange your data. Transmit stock placement, transfer or removal orders. Thanks to the scanner functionality for store places and articles, you no longer need to pick up a pen: simply tick off your digital stock lists.

Make use of new synergies with the forwarding software generate the stock removal process upon creation of a transport for stored goods. You no longer need to keep multiple records, which helps you cut down on processing times.

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Execution of all warehousing processes, e.g. stock placement, transfer and removal using connected scanners, Integration with the logistics software for joint database use and interlocking processes (stock placement/removal orders) as well as in WEB for online stock queries and stock removal orders with Sampling and complete inventories with lists.