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Healthcare Sector

Healthcare Sector

InfyNary brings in healthcare IT consulting and development to back up medical clients in their calling to save lives and sustain high population health with software built around individuals and their needs.We provide hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities and other organizations with task-driven services to help them reduce readmissions, protect PHI, balance costs and improve outcomes. Offer your patients personalized care and continuous communication between appointments. Simplify their daily routine by timely notifying about medication intake, giving tips on nutrition and physical activity and reminding about the importance of journalizing subjective and objective.

With a holistic system including a patient mobile application and a central server connected to the EHR, you can improve population health, patients’ outcomes and your revenues.

How Can We Help ?

Treat your patients like customers, understanding their needs better and building trustworthy relationships. Merge your CRM with the EHR to gain, engage and retain your patients with multiple communication channels at your disposal. Be it your website, call center, social media or else – you can always keep the patient’s experience positive and personal.