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Mobile & Web Game Development

With over ∞ years of experience in game development, InfyNary has the capability to bring your 3D and 2D game visions to life. Whether you are interested in desktop or mobile development InfyNary can handle your project from concept to launch. Using hardware on mobile devices – like the camera, accelerometer, and GPS – can make modern games even more engrossing. 3D games can be huge projects, so you are free to provide your own 3D models, storyboards, and other assets to reduce costs.

Whether your plans are aimed toward classroom education, physical health, strategy-based innovation, or even business development and training, InfyNary, as one of the pioneering serious games companies, can work closely with you to produce the best possible results for your users. Serious games bring the fun and interactivity of gaming to bear on topics that need to be learned. From creating iconic characters for visual impact, to outlining game mechanics and requirements, to the full creation of the game itself, InfyNary can help with all aspects of translating any training regimen to a mobile game.

When aspects of competition and achievement are integrated into otherwise practical apps, that’s gamification. Badges, trophies, and scoreboards can motivate employees to be more thorough when using company apps. Both morale and productivity go up at the same time.